Cornwallis suite

An unrivalled perspective

The pinnacle of the Marquis hotel experience, The Cornwallis Suite features a floor to ceiling window offering an unrivaled perspective across the Suffolk countryside. Sleep amongst the stars and wake with the gentle dawn at the foot of your bed.

About the Cornwallis suite

Built from the ground up to provide the best view in the hotel, the Cornwallis Suite allows you to relax amongst the treetops, with the rest of the Brett Valley sweeping out below you. The suiteā€™s interior is just as spectacular, with hand crafted oak gables and the highest quality furnishings creating a beautiful environment to relax and plan your next day in the Suffolk countryside.

Stand out on the private oak balcony and watch the sun go down from a peerless perspective. Beautiful oak gables and an unrivaled panoramic perspective make the Cornwallis Suite truly unforgettable.

Room features