Loft room

Relax in comfort

Located in the old 19th Century Hayloft, the Loft Room is unlike any other room in the Hotel. Featuring an original floor level window and skylit bathroom, this is a great little cosy hideaway full of Suffolk charm.

About the Loft room

Completely different from any other room in the hotel, the Loft Room offers guests a private cosy hideaway that is both comfortable and curious.

Individual features, like the original hayloft window that now sits at floor level; or the unique skylights that fill the room with the pink glow of sunset, the Loft Room is a wonderfully cosy way to enjoy your time at .

The Loft Room shares a separate private staircase and landing with Room 8. This provides families or groups with the opportunity to create their own private area within the Hotel by booking both rooms.

Room features